Awakenings, Level 1/2 (45 min)

Begin your day with a gentle and energizing practice rooted in prana. These classes help you to mindfully ease into your day and awaken body-awareness.

Foundations, Level 1/2 (60 min)

In Yoga Foundations we will break down the essential components you will need to develop a yoga practice. Learn techniques that will enable you to practice your postures safely and skillfully. This class is appropriate for students who are new to yoga as well as those who want to focus on details of alignment and refinement in their practices.

Gentle Practice, Level 1 (60 min)

Gentle Yoga takes a very calming approach to classical Hatha yoga postures and stretches, including gentle warm-ups, stretching, and some restorative work. Relax as you bring your focus into the present moment. Great for those new to yoga, for people managing health conditions, for those recovering from injuries or those that want to balance out with a gentle practice.

Multi-Level, All Levels (60 min)

Hatha practice drawing upon a variety of yoga styles in a multi-level format. The open level classes bridge the gap between gentle and athletic yoga. Balance and strengthen all the systems of the body. Modifications are always provided for beginners to advanced yogis.

Open Flow, Level 2 (60 min, Weekends 75 min)

These morning classes link breath and movement, and are a great way to enjoy a flow at a pace set to fully understand each posture. Great for breaking a sweat!

Power Flow, Level 2/3 (Morning-60, Evening-75)

A challenging Hatha practice linking breath and movement, Yogis will enjoy this creative sequence of postures set in a dynamic practice to build endurance, heat, and strength.

Vinyasa Flow (60 min) Level 2

A dynamic practice with an emphasis on linking movement and breath using smooth transitions to ease movement from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. This class allows for a variety of asanas, including sun salutations, arm balances, as well as more challenging poses. Some yoga experience is suggested.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a slow, steady meditative practice. While traditional yoga classes target muscle tissues, yin yoga is practiced to bring more mobility to the joints. This is accomplished with safe, relaxed and longer holds which gently nourish ligaments and tendons around the joints. After a yin yoga class, the body will feel at ease and the mind will have a heightened sense of clarity and restfulness.


This dynamic and challenging practice follows the traditional Ashtanga yoga method, a set sequence of poses as established by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. The led class focuses on holding postures for five breaths while maintaining strong breath, bandha engagement (energy locks) and drishti (gazing point). The system works to cleanse the body of fats and toxins while promoting an inner sense of peace. Prior yoga experience is highly recommended for this class.

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