Pilates & Barre
Pilates & Barre
Pilates & Barre


Multi-Level Mat Pilates

This mat class incorporates the authentic pilates exercises that target the core, while lengthening and strengthening the abs, glutes, legs, arms and back for a total body workout that challenges all levels of fitness.

Advanced Level Mat/Barre Pilates

This fun and challenging class starts where the multi-level class leaves off and builds from there, offering a full body workout for those interested in building length and strength through authentic pilates exercises both on the mat and at the barre, targeting the core, and including legs, back and arms.

Pilates Plus

Pilates principles of core strength and alignment, mixed with cardio elements and the use of props.

Stretch 101 (45 min)

A nice way to STRETCH it all out! Props and equipment including exercise balls and straps coupled with knowledgeable instructors will help you improve your flexibility!

Barre Fusion

The barre fusion workout is a series of movements that strengthen the entire body and ensures that no muscle is overlooked. With a combination of functional strength, dance, Pilates and Yoga, we use body weight and light dumbbells as resistance to focus on alignment and optimal posture while enhancing body awareness, coordination, balance and overall strength. This is a ballet-barre inspired workout for a multi-level group. All movements can be customized for students with various fitness levels. This is a fun and safe workout to help you reach your goals and get you into the best shape of your life.

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